The On Demand All Sorts of Sports Class is an extension of our traditional All Sorts of Sports Day Camp. We know that the best athletes in the world, from NBA players to Major league Soccer, to the NFL to professional gymnastics, a large majority of them all played multiple sports growing up - Your body is  like an all terrain vehicle, you should drive it fast, slow, go up hill over rocks etc. That is exactly why we created the All Sorts of Sports Camp. 
This virtual camp will be presented by some of our top NAofA Certified Coaches in their given sports, Jourdan Ziff (Soccer), Ben Freeland (Basketball), Jason Bennett (Baseball), Ken Taylor (Football), Keilani Gaither (Volleyball), and Alberto Juarez (Martial Arts). Each of these coaches is either a former collegiate or professional athlete in their sport and are extremely good at breaking down the fundamentals.
In this 5 day series they will go over skills and drills that you can do with in the comforts of your own home using both equipment and everyday items. 

Each day Features:

- Warmup

- 3 New Skills and Drills

- Wrap Up

***Some fields on the registration page do not apply to this camp as it is a virtual camp, however they need to be filled in with something. Please either enter "On Demand" or "." in those non applicable fields.

****Series are pre-recorded and you will have access for 30 days from the first time you use your code. Codes and login information will be emailed within 1 business day from registration.

On Demand All Sorts of Sports Class
Anytime, Anywhere


Age:  5 - 18


Wed, May 13, 2020
Tue, August 31, 2021
Time :
12:00 am - 12:00 am


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