Sometimes we may not be able to get out onto the field or we are stuck at home but that does not mean you can't keep working on becoming a better player. This virtual camp will be presented by one of our NAofA Certified Coaches, Jason Bennett, who played Division 2 NCAA Baseball at Sonoma State and spent a couple years coaching in the Golden Era baseball league in Oakland; he is also PE instructor for us at a school in San Rafael, California. In this 5 day series he will go over some skills and drills that you can do with in the comforts of your own home using both equipment and everyday items. We hope you enjoy this series and invite you to check out our website, to learn more about us and see how you could bring the National Academy of Athletics to your area!


5 days of material that can be done in the participant's home, yard, or garage. The drills can be completed in small spaces with minimal equipment. Equipment need for this camp is a baseball/ tennis ball, glove, bat, cones or another type of marker. Once purchased, the videos can be viewed through the Internet, on a smart TV, mobile phone, computer, or tablet, on demand for up to 30 days upon receiving your code.


Each day Features: 

- Warmup

- 3 Skills and Drills

- Wrap Up

***Some fields on the registration page do not apply to this camp as it is a virtual camp, however they need to be filled in with something. Please either enter "Virtual" or "." in those non applicable fields.

Virtual Hit & Run Baseball/Softball Camp

1260 North Dutton Ave
Santa Rosa, California 95401

Age:  5 - 18
Price:  $48.00

Thu, April 30, 2020
Mon, August 31, 2020
12:00 am - 12:00 am


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