The All Sorts of Sports by National Academy of Athletics is packed with fun. Whether your child is a beginner or more advanced player, this multi-sport camp is a perfect place for kids to be introduced to the world of sports, teamwork and athletics! Games we play may include, baseball, basketball, dodge ball, soccer, flag football, capture the flag, ultimate frisbee, relay & obstacle races and a whole lot more. Your children will learn new skills while having a blast and making new friends.


• Proper conditioning and warm-ups

• Balance and coordination

• Build motor skills and coordination

• Confidence builder program

• Offense and defensive skills

• Competitions and Games

• Individual & team concepts

• Speed and agility

• Teamwork and cooperation

All Sorts of Sports
Evergreen Park

4860 San Felipe Rd.
San Jose, California 95135

Age:  4 - 6

Mon, April 26, 2021
Mon, May 17, 2021
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


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