Kids need physical activity! Our Virtual Sports Club was developed to give kids an online class they will actually look forward to. The NAofA has successfully transitioned our highly recommended All Sorts of Sports After School Club program to deliver a virtual solution for families who enjoy sports and exercise but are not comfortable with or do not have access to in-person instruction. 

Twice a week, for 2 weeks, kids will get to be a part of something that will allow them to interact with their coach and other kids while they learn about sports, practice drills and get their heart rates up!

Our curriculum is derived from social and emotional learning (SEL), National Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes to produce a quality Sports program that creates confidence, optimism, and growth while experiencing new sports. 

Virtual After School Sports Club- Mondays & Wednesday
In Your Home

Live from
Santa Rosa, California

Grade:  Pre-K - 2
Age:  4 - 6
Price:  $40.00

Mon, February 15, 2021
Wed, February 24, 2021
3:15 pm - 4:00 pm

Meets Monday and Wednesday


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